Cold War Science

My Theme: Cold War Science. I find the period of the Cold War fascinating. I've watched Dr. Strangelove more times than is probably healthy and, given the North American perception this was some Golden Age, I see this period with a similar wry sense of hope and despair. What did this period give us? Was it all satellite TV and soft serve ice cream bars, or was it missiles and brinkmanship? I for one am a fan of ballpoint pens, so take from it what you will.


  1. Cool lines and nice decisions on where to put the detail down.

  2. i was really hoping we'd be living like the Jetson's by now. nice drawing I will be foreven in awe at your clean lines as i am a messy messy picture maker. it makes me think that the guy might be Dark Helmet's Buzz Lightyer-esque younger brother.

    1. French Curves are an artist's best friend; just ask Ruben.