We're a group of friends and former colleagues with a passion for pen and pencil. The project is a challenge to excel at our craft and end up with fantastic sketchbooks in the process.

Guidelines for contribution:

  • Sketchbooks should be roughly the same size; ideally a Moleskine like this or something remarkably similar.
  • Contributors are given a month to add to the book before passing it to the next contributor. If unable to complete your work, pass it along anyway!
  • All contributions must be scanned and posted on the blog as they're completed. Images should be uploaded to Picasa, Flickr, or another image hosting service.
  • Mixed Media is welcome but respectful of the owner's book and other contributor's work within. Make it durable and avoid staining, shedding, glittering, unfolding, exploding, or otherwise exceeding the size of the sketchbook.