better dead than red....right guys???

gas mask fasion, pinup girls and bombs is what the cold war was about i think.

Brando's Book - Entry 5

After a hard day of clearing storm drains and repairing water-mains, I like to think they enjoy pizza and hanging out with red-heads. A pox on my scanner's power supply; may you moulder in agony.

Aaron's Book - Entry 4

Here's my entry... for MARCH?!... in Aaron's Mechanical Animals book. Who knew moving was a full time job?

Survival...from bug poop

I'm sorry a bug pooped in your book while i was drawing outside.

"Wants and Dream" #5

Yes before anyone asks I just wanted to draw something to do with GOF. But this book is open to interpretation so these are the wants and dreams of GOF charters. First time using my new felts, I think I need some more practice but still a fun way to start :)