Erics cold war era

Erics cold war era by mrlinds
Erics cold war era, a photo by mrlinds on Flickr.
Not in love with this one (sorry Eric) Haven't used markers much before, so things got a bit messy. The big people group wasn't thought through enough. Some of the stuff in the background village works OK, I think.

Kelsey's Book - Entry 2

Maybe a little grim, but here is my entry into Kelsey's book. I look forward to everyone's new entries.

mechanical animals

Ok, i did it. mechanical animals the theme...sort of similar to Sion's but I only saw his when i went to upload mine...word....sorry about the blurry scan. my scanner didn't eat it's wheaties.

EDIT: Re-upload

Rebecca's Moly Entry: A Feline Fever Dream

The sketchbook theme is "Wants and Dreams".
Completely open to interpretation.
No rules.

Brandon's Bestiary of Brilliant Urban Legends & Abominations

Posting Brandon's sketches for him from his Moly, and looking forward to adding more entries soon!

Organic Machine

My Theme: organic machine.
The idea is to do something fun no rules or boundary. So what if in an alternate reality things that we see or use everyday has life or made of somewhat organic matters.
But then again maybe it's the caffeine ...

Cold War Science

My Theme: Cold War Science. I find the period of the Cold War fascinating. I've watched Dr. Strangelove more times than is probably healthy and, given the North American perception this was some Golden Age, I see this period with a similar wry sense of hope and despair. What did this period give us? Was it all satellite TV and soft serve ice cream bars, or was it missiles and brinkmanship? I for one am a fan of ballpoint pens, so take from it what you will.

Sci Fi

My theme: Sci Fi I've been re-watching one of my favorite Sci Fi series BSG and got inspired to paint :) Along with a little help from this guy Brooks Salzwedel and this guy Lawrence Yang.