Sci-Fi by mrlinds
Sci-Fi, a photo by mrlinds on Flickr.
Got some books from Eric.
Here's a re-imagined Star Trek. Geordi stays the same as he's awesome as is.

Organic Machines

Organic Machines by mrlinds
Organic Machines, a photo by mrlinds on Flickr.
Once last foray into the breach!
Plant tv with cat speakers. A moose to poop your laundry.
So basically I watched tv with my cats and did laundry yesterday.

Falling Zelda

Just beat Skyward Sword and this seemed to work with the theme.

Urban Legends add,

Put some doodles in Brando's book.
creepy rat king, and the bar scene. No one likes to drink with Sadako for some reason.
Saw a goose on a roof the other day. It looked odd to me.


This idea ran away with me a bit. New Season of Beast Wars. Set in 16/17XX north America. Autobots are normal animals for the most part. Decepticons are all imaginary creatures due to a English woman who initially doesn't realize she's helping the bad guys. Native dude becomes outcast due to autobots giving him mecha hands, so he chills with them. Hijinks ensue.

better dead than red....right guys???

gas mask fasion, pinup girls and bombs is what the cold war was about i think.